The Best Way to Kick Off a New Decade

A BIG THANK YOU to the Pastel Society of America for the feature. There is no better organization or group of wonderful people! Their passion and dedication to the art of pastel is second to none! I’m honored.

From the Pastel Society of America’s Official Facebook page:

It is my great honor to introduce you to our wonderful featured artist, Vincent S. Chiaramonte.

Finding your divinely inspired dream and not pursuing it for all it is worth is an insult to its Creator.

— This phrase captures the passion with which Vincent Chiaramonte pursues his vision of being an artist who paints portraits. Vincent’s portraits not only convey a likeness of the subject, but his work fully expresses the spirit and character of the individual while highlighting the technical skill and artistry required in creating such a piece.

Vincent Chiaramonte has dedicated his artistic career to …

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